I’m a 27 year old Scottish media student from the glitzy wastes of Aberdeen.

blueplasticbags is my attempt at focusing my writing skills.  Some of the articles here will be carbon copies of what I have produced as part of my studies; others will be original; some will be good; most will be rants.

The title comes from a Malcolm Middleton song of the same name.  He’s really rather good.

I like music, particularly Scottish indie and 70s/80s stuff, film, particularly comedy and anything a bit “different”, books, particularly, again, Scottish stuff and “speculative fiction”.  I also like the odd comic, video game, The Sopranos and The Office US.

And if you’re interested (why wouldn’t you be?) you can follow my narcissism and find the rest of my web presence in these glamorous locales:

Twitter – I’m making an effort to use it more and yes, I’m struggling.

Goodreads – Helping me track my goal of reading 50 books this year.

last.fm – What I’m listening to.  I love this site.

LinkedIn – A more than likely vain attempt at professional networking.

I also occasionally post on the Guardian forums as kylos.  I once had a post recommended 13 times.  I felt well proud.